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HMG Adventure

Howling Mad Gav's Zargnoth Adventure I

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It had been a hard slog when I arrived at the Jolly Ogre far inn. I was glad for the rest & food. I hadn't seen anyone for sometime now. My travels had taken me very, very far east until some crystal mountains had forced me to turn back.

After filling my water skins and selling some odd bits. I told Ransack Begarg about the crystal hill barrier to the east. He then told me about some good news. The Kwando Aviators are back in business. I was quite disturbed by the thought of Dragons flying around up there and me in a balloon! I also thought the balloon ride was a tad expensive... I set off from the Jolly Ogre leaving it behind. I looked for a good place for a balloon to land and Yelled "Air Kwando Flight Number 47 Cleared for Landing"

At first I did wounder if anyone had heard me. But I could make out something heading towards me... As it slowly came into view it was a balloon. It landed not far from me. I approached and talked to the Aviator about the fare and climed aboard and we set off...

The Balloon ride wasn't quite what I expected. It was a bumpy ride and having to share with a pet loggerhead didn't appeal to me at all. He was also surprised to see I didn't have a paracute. As ballon rides arn't too safe...

The balloon rised to what must of been 300 hands high. What a view WOW. As we cross the Crystall Hills the balloon starts its descent. Bob the Aviator apporached me and informs me that he dosn't have enough firestones to land and take off again. Next thing I know the pet loggerhead gave me a Big shove out of the balloon AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. SPLAT.

Oh thank you soft sand as I kiss the ground. I had made it. Although the fall took a lot out of me. If I see him again I'm gonna...

I set off heading northeast wards. I know that Pretzel was somewhere over here to but where I wasn't sure... I'll be keeping my eyes open for our groups markings. Or better still find him...

After a rather uneventfull trex I came accross a rather unfreindly King Emu. Not wanting to move either I stood my ground. One dead King Emu a secound later. I collect some Emu Darts then contiuned eastward and met a Swampus which didn't last long. I settled down for the night...

I set off again heading east & slightly northwards. I stumbled accross a path. Not sure where it was going. I may return to check it out later. Another swampuss got in the way again today as did a red-eyed jungle cat both dying rather quickly. I then stumbled into a Clakk Snakkar and a dune ooze. Both dying quickly. I was weapon practiseing with my iron knife when a Shotgun Serpant came at me. A quick battle and a dead Serpant I got a serpant skin from this orrible creature. All I need know is a female monster!

I camped down wishing for a female monster....

I set off and went looking for the path. I mised it bummer. Not a lot happened I met a dragon bat which died. got some bloated onions and some heart squash. I then run into high jungle. DAM. Not what I need. I camped down for the night. I will go around this next time.

Today was looking good. I found a who-sac shrub, those bloated onoins I've been carrying can now be put to use. The day looked good Tryed to around the high Jungle. Well that really buggered me up... Got it wrong BUGGER.... Well thats not good. High Jungle has brought my day to a real bad end. Not happy. Nothing to take my anger out on either. Real bad day.

Today was looking good. I got chance to make use of the bloated onions I had picked up earlyer With the use of a Who-sac shrub I made 3 Fart bombs. Another weapon ready to use. I had to venture into the high jungle so of I set. A clakk-snakker was first to bit the dust. Then oh bugger into jungle then High Jungle again.... I had to go around the high jungle again. This is getting annoying. But at least I traveled well today. The day ended up with a Six-Headed adder saying hello and goodbye. Will try to go through High Jungle again... Hope to breach it soon...

Well would you belive it still High Jungle. This is driving me bloody mad! After a hard day traveling I began to wounder if'd ever breach this High Jungle. Looks good as I walked straigth into swamp... There goes my clean jagwere havisuit. What a lovely mess. Nothing new spotted. Still nothing worth raiding. Bit feature less zargnoth really. I begining to wish I was still in High Jungle at least it wasn't so messy. Wading in waist deep water carn't be good more me.

Grr getting hungry and in swamp. If I'm not swinging from tree to tree I'm upto my waist in mud and sludge. YUK! Oh well carn't say I feel good for it. Lack of food and water is starting to take it's toll. found a new plant found: Wind reeds... Also Crocadowder creature choose to have a word with me. I din't like what it said... So I got a quick snack... Will check this plant out better next time. Also passed a Jute vine DAM wish it wasn't so far back otherwise I'd go make Gator armor out of these skins I've been carring for so long...

Still nothing to raid:(

I failed to find anything out about the Wind Reeds. Must be from lack of food and water... But I found Jute Vines as well bonus means I can make some Gator Armor at last. I had a run in with a Gator today and Crocadowders and Stark Sourpuss and King Emus talk about having a boring days to WWWAAAYYYYHEEEEYYYYY party time. Landshark and White Tigers were bad news... But as I still hadn't found anything inttresting until I came accross a Railway track running north/south.

The Zargnoth railway is a joint project between the Jossmen and Zoingots. The track is well worn wooden rails. The train is pushed by a pair of Red Kachoos with a Zoingo mutant directioning them and a muncher Beast fastened to the front eating all in there path... Glad I didn't camp on the track!!! Still need water and food bummer.

I will follow the track northwards next time.

The first thing I did today was make Gator Armor. At last. But as I'm in swamp I think I'll avoid wearing it for a bit. Knowing my luck I'd run into a gator. I then set off following the railway track northwards. I was happy traveling along when I came accross a River DAM. I found the Railway Bridge... I could cross here But theres not enough space for me and the train on the bridge at the same time... Could be dangerous to cross here... I'll think about while I'm in camp.

Well I thought about it. I'll cross here. I waited for some time... A train pass's me. I start to cross about halfway I hear a strange sounds from behind... A Train arrrhhhh I run for it. I sure ain't jumping the river below looks nasty. I wish I was fitter! I'm not going to make it The muncher beast takes a snap at me! I avoid it but I didn't see the train itself!!!! AAAAAAAA crunch, squish!!!! Run over by the train!!!! I'm over the bridge but a cost. I NOW HATE Zargnoth. 2 real bad things. first shoved out of a ballon by a loggerhead then run over by a train. I'm REALLY PISSED OFF. If I'd been weaker that could of killed me.

Life can be a BITCH and I love it.

Not to be to put off I head ever onwards and northwards. I found a waterhole I drink from it. lovely refreshing water ooooo. A nice refresher. I continue my journey northwards. I also have terrian hates they are High Jungle and Bloody swamp. If it's not one it's the other. And still nothing to raid. Oh well good news I can see low hills yippee I hope.

Well practiced with my iron knife a bit.

I will take it steady this time as the train running me over took a lot out of me. I set off northwards again but i lost the railway line, But I found a small cave But i left it far behind as there not worth raiding. But there again it's the only thing I've seen to raid.

A dune ooze and wolfcur were a short work out. I Casted detect creatures today and dected some new creatures: Mangy Beasts, Chompers, Chitinous Chasers. I will go vist Mangy beasts maybe. I traveled further north. I have lost the railway no sign of it still. I will head west a bit to try and find it.

Practiced a bit more with my iron knife. I get ever closer to level 5. Oh well time to make camp.

I do a little bit of jazzazieing and a Demon Condor decides to interupt me! Bloody thing. I set off heading west a bit to find the Railway track. I found it quite quickly. I also ran into a new creature a Grabber Bush it put a brave fight but didn't last long. A bit further on I ran into a Huffinpuffer another new creature. Er I choose to avoid it. A detect creature spell relviled 2 creatures I have yet to meet. Mangy Beasts & Nitrohens. I have yet to find anything worth raiding or any kind of Far structures. I should of stayed in starth playing with Great Caves & Stone Crypts by the looks of it. Would have been more fun.

I've had a good rest. I set off north following the railway line. Still hopeing to find the end of the line! A wolfcur came along and got pasted. Plenty of exercise again, I also counted the nots in my rope that I found on week 1 one of landing on this darn island, theres 227 nots and that means I've been here a long bloody time! 227 weeks SMEG! Just think in that time I was a founding member of Bad Company...I then quit them and a founding member of Shadow Cult. Cor been a few fights and killed a few creatures... I feel OLD! I need a DRINK! shit I'm to old for all this tramping around. Bugger this I'm off to sleep.

Today I set off woundering will I find anything worth raiding. A Huffinpuffer was my first kill of the day. So nice of it, A wanna bee shortly followed. I'm beging to feel weak lack of food. I track on northwards. Would you belive it I see something! ooo a Railway station Moss Kistok welcomes me to his Railway station. The station is rudimentry a building for the train and the beasts that pull it. There's a ticket room area. You can buy several tickets to other places and even a season ticket. I moved on to a Far forge which would buy something nice from me, a cash flow was going to be a problem but would you belive it fate was delt me a nice card. I look forward to exploring this town and buying a trip esle where. At last a place of intrest.

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This tale was taken from Howling Mad Gav's Adventure in Zargnoth.
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