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HMG Adventure

Howling Mad Gav's Zargnoth Adventure Extra

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Okay so it appears there's 3 ruins and looks to true. Okay well I can confirm that 1 ruin has been located. Fuvite found it and it looks like it can be REBUILT. There's enough Fuvites to do this.

The map area is 300x60 giving 18000 squares to explore and enough structures so that you should find at least 1 structure.


Rivers are about 4-5 turns east of the crystal mountains. You need to cross via a bridge. Trolls look after bridges and charge you X amount of oculars plus extra if you have a mount. (Don't get a mount, not worth it) paths have been seen but so far no-one has followed them to see whats at the other end... So I thought...

The path must lead to the bridge where you pay to cross over it. Sometime after crossing you'll find a Cluster of Far Structures (At least 5 diffrent types). The path actual ends on the railway station. Train track runs North- South. Following the railway track can lead to crossing a railway bridge which leads to getting to run over by a train as I know :)

Also crossing the track is possible but Not advised to actually walk on it! As above don't cross the railway bridge with out a LOT of health.

Crystal Mountains again!

Yup travel some 60 squares east and you'll meet a 2nd line of these things. So the Zargnoth region may get croweded if we cannot cross this new line.. But what will lie on the other side???

I have also at last found the far sturctures HURRAY The Structures are group into small Towns. There's several Towns about the Island. There's a Town square and exotic Far Inns.

Town lay out:

Far Exotica  I  Far inn     I   Far Forge

Far Post I Town Square I Railway station

The Town set up varies from town to town as well.

You can buy lev 5 in most weapon classes. This is not going to benfit me to much as I already have most skills at level 5. Just 2 to goto level 5. At a cost of about 216 oc's for a lev 5 skill.

I recommend you bring at least 500 oculars to spend on this side on the cyrstal mountains.

Theres also I1 Class 1 inn stay includes such things as roast dinner, breakfast in bed, drawn bath... Cost form 57 -- 47 oculars this price diffrence noticed so far with 3 Towns Visted

You can trade between Far Towns if you know what Far Exotica sells what at what price, So visting a few towns is a good idea. Also prices of such things as Swing Balls alter one hell of a lot. I bought one for 79 Oculars and the next far town sells them at 105 !!!!! so whatch where you buy things as you may get ripped off.

New Races:

Trolls: Look after bridges and charge 50 oculars to let you cross + extra 50 if you have a mount! AVOID the Mount! This is the easyist way to cross the river to get to the far Town's. You could cross at a railway bridge but NOT Advised! Trolls you REALLY don't want to mess with! They also didn't build the bridge so who did?

Zoingots: Train drivers they're wired race bar the fact the have many diffrent parts and numurous body parts no 2 the same and not even looking like a normal monster race. To get the Blurb for this Race you'll need to travel on the train at least 2 Towns down the line aas they'll stop at the middle station and you'll get to meet the driver of the train a Zoingot. Skilled jewelers.

New Creatures are: King Emu, Shotgun Serpent, Giant tree squids,Wanna Bees, Silk Spider. White Tiger, chitinous chaser, Graber Bush, Huffinpuffer, Chasuck, Mangy Beast,Crunchy Frog, Mad Stalker,Nitrohen, White Tigers.

Creature numbers and blurbs not on here. Want them?

Easy meet the Creatures :-)

First UK Monster to Cross: Pretzel, X-Shadow Cult leader, Current status on hols!, Disciple of Fuvah,Shadow Cult Member. Played by Chris Trobridge. Other Monsters crossed: Howling Mad GavII (HMGII for short) This Web site about his Travels in Zargnoth. Shadow Cult member, Fuvite Disciple played by Mark Wingad (the keeper of this web site and

Also Runs the Shadow Cult leader Midg)

Also known Hand Of Shroud have 1 member accross and they have seen Fuvah Furcats totem marking's so proof others have breached the crystal mountains. Rogue Raska Fuvah Furcat is over as are at least 5 BC members.

Welcome any emails about the new region. (info espically)

Thanks to US players for major info update inc new creatures and whats at the end of the path.

As you may note I've become a tad more active:-)

This page was updated 8-7-97

ps my 2nd attempt at writing a www page... and still havn't learn't html. Maybe I should...NOT!

I'm Also Disapointed with the lack of finding anything worth raiding...

Zargnoth Pic by Jim Radford. Tar Jim.

Can I be found esle where on the internet???

YES I can

If you Disc or Discw appear on a IRC server may well be me :-)

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This tale was taken from Howling Mad Gav's Adventure in Zargnoth.
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