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Ever met that special someone, but been too afraid to ask which group he belongs to? Well fear no longer, here is the list of UK Island Group Totems.

NoGroupFirst TotemSecond TotemThird TotemReligionBattle Yell
701Lords Of ChaosMummyTerapusPummel BearFuvah
704Utterly Grotesque Legion Inc.LandsharkScatamunga BeastGatorMulti
710White Knights of KabukiGreat White StorkGreat Trap SnakeYogorillaKabuki
715Bad CompanyTuskerBlood MummyThermadon RexFuvahSwabber and Swoopstake!
716Hand of ShroudFlesh EaterZombieTholomiteShroud
721Monster Liberation FrontMarsh DwellerLandsharkFork-tailed ScorpionFuvahDon't be a stranger, Be Dead!
723SSSBlack Pack RowtYogorillaFunnel SnakeShroud
730Kindred Agents of ShroudFunnel SnakeSwamppusGhoul BuzzardShroud
738Island RangersTerapusSix-Headed AdderGatorMultiDream on, Sloth Breath!
740Eternal VoidTerapusLandsharkGhoul BuzzardShroudFor The Glory Of Shroud!
746Blinding DawnMyrrh DoveLandsharkGreat Trap SnakeKabuki
748Kabuki's Legion of the NorthTerapusMyrrh DoveGatorKabuki
751Shadow CultTuskerDemon CondorShifting WraithFuvahDust to dust!
757Fuvah FurrcatsSmiteGreat White StorkZombieFuvah
761Fuvian BrotherhoodBlood MummyBeeraukGatorFuvah
767Black Knights of ShroudWolfcurGhoul BuzzardFleash EaterShroud
783The Flying Pigs Of HellGrizzly HedgehogRogue SwineWild BoarMultiWho's Your Daddy?
790Hulk Hogan's CompanyLandsharkBarkbruteCemetery CreeperMulti
793The Blood AllianceGreat Trap SnakeSqueezy SnakeSnoutFuvahThat which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!
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