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Zoingo Jewel Box

Zoingo Jewel Box

 128Zoingo Jewel Box4 Large CaveLarge Quarry    
Made by the finest of the Zoingot craftsmen, the Zoingo Jewel Box is a work of art protected by magic. It is roughly egg-shaped and iridesces with blues, greens, and reds when you hold it in the sunlight. But strangest of all, it doesn't seem to have any way of opening it. No lid, no keyhole, no hinges, no nothing. It is by magic. To open it, you either need training from a Mage, or a little brute force (just don't expect much to be left when you are done). You can carry up to four (if you have the will power).

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Large Quarry Large Quarry10073 in 73
Large Cave Large Cave01 in 128

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