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Zinki Dart

Zinki Dart

 2Zinki Dart6Cannot Sell PlantsZinki BushBodden CampMissileClass 3   
The Zinki bush is a fairly common greenish-yellow bush found in Sand & Palms terrain. Its buds are pointed and if you get caught in a clump of them it can be a bloody chore to work your way free. If you are careful, you can collect up to 6 buds and dry them in the sun. You'll do this automatically, at no cost in Action Pts, but only if you have a Blow Pipe. After the buds have dried and hardened, they are fired from a Blow Pipe. It is a Missile known as Zinki Darts. If you have a Blow Pipe you can equip this Dart as your Missile Weapon - Damage Class 3.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp96137 in 142

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