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Zargnoth Armour Notes I

Zargnoth Armour Notes I

Zargnoth Armour Notes I
Surprise, surprise. Something is not right with your armor. As you crossed the Crystal Hills you felt your armor get a little stronger and now you realize what happened. In days of yore, armor worked like it was suppdsed to (Total Armor x 0.025). But during the last Demigod War, Vlados Xi and Yasmin El Boa teamed to encant one of the greatest spells ever - the Destroy Armor Spell. They cast it on such a large scale that all armor on the island was rendered useless. For Vlados' army of Undead, the loss was meaningless. Yasmin El Boa, she never gave a thought to her follower's health. But for Graggolos, and for Kadar the Black, the results were devastating. Stone Gargoyles were rendered mortal and armored dragons fell from the sky to their deaths.
Zargnoth Armour Notes II
As the last Demigod War came to an end in stalemate, Kadar the Black and Graggolos the Ka combined their might to counteract the devastating spell cast by their foes. Their efforts worked, somewhat, though they were weakened by brutal battles with Yasmin El Boa and Vlados Xi. With their Counter Spell cast in the easternmost reaches of Monster Island, the effects were strongest in the east and weakest in the west. Therefore, in the western reaches of the island, good armor is hard to find. As you move further east, the ability of your armor to perform as expected improves. The improvement seems to be most pronounced as you cross any of the magical barriers erected during the Demigod Wars. The first of these are the Crystal Hills leading to the zargnoth.
Zargnoth Armour Notes III
As a result of the great magics cast in the last Demigod War, armor is weakest in the west where armor classes over 20 may only be one-third as effective as they should be. In the zarngoth, the effects of the Counter Spell were stronger and armor classes over 20 may perform one-half as well as expected. As you move further east, the performance of armor will improve even more, though how effective it will be will depend on a number of factors.

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