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Yellow Lotus Elixir

Yellow Lotus Elixir

 35Yellow Lotus Elixir*Far Inn

Makable Items Sand and PalmsVessel (7) 1 Oil (#22), 1 Yellow Lotus Leaf (#15)Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Cures Yelled Out
"Yelled Out" and need a cure? Or perhaps you'd like your yell to carry further? Then you need this elixir. In to a Voodoo Cauldron shred one Yellow Lotus Leaf. Add 1 Oil and a pinch of sand (i.e. you must be in Sand & Palms terrain to be able to make this elixir). Cook the concoction for 7 Action Pts. To perform this action write the MAKE order: M 35. To USE/CONSUME the elixir write: U 35. If you are "Yelled Out" you'll be cured. Otherwise, the elixir will extended your yell range significant lead for the remainder of this turn (only). It may be extremely hazardous to use this elixir more than once in an eight-day span. There's no limit to the number of elixir you can carry.

Available From

The Grackle, Grouse and Grail The Grackle, Grouse and GrailV63
The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassV25
Hamilton's Cove Hamilton's CoveV27
The Blushing Lady The Blushing LadyV26
The Lion's Fill The Lion's FillV27
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarV25
The Illuminated Torch The Illuminated TorchV66
The Spotted Beak The Spotted BeakV25
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusV65
The Jolly Ogre The Jolly OgreV26
The Happy Junglemon The Happy JunglemonV65

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop1187 in 744

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