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Yellow Bauble

Yellow Bauble

 355Yellow Bauble50Far Inn

Collapsed VaultFungus ForestHillockKoma DenLarge CaveSunken Graveyard
Tomb of MumiUnderwater Grotto
 BaubleMakeable Items Stinky Lotus Elixir (#282) 
This is finely polished small yellow quartz rock. It is cut at sharp angles and is quite appealing to the eye. You carry 50 of these - should you be lucky to find so many!

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Collapsed Vault Collapsed Vault202 in 10
Koma Den Koma Den26 in 201
Sunken Graveyard Sunken Graveyard31 in 31
Hillock Hillock01 in 291
Large Cave Large Cave01 in 124
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest96 in 66
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto129 in 72
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi11 in 71

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