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Certain Creatures have to be grappled, wrestled, thrown, etc., in order to defeat them. Against these Creatures, two rounds of Wrestling replaces the Missile-fire and two Close-in rounds of Battle. Success at Wrestling is dependent upon your Muscle, Healthiness, and Wrestling Skills. The latter has three categories: Offense, Defense, and Tricks. Tricks are special moves that can turn the tide if successful. Wrestling Skills will increase after a battle/bout with a superior opponent.
Wrestle Weapon
In the second round of Wrestling, if you're lucky and or skillful, you'll use a Pointed Weapon to hopefully kill the creature you're Wrestling. If you don't have a Wrestle Weapon equipped, one of your Pointed Weapons will be chosen automatically. To change your Wrestle Weapon, issue the EQUIP order: E (Pointed Weapon Item#). This makes this weapon both your Primary Weapon and Wrestle Weapon. Follow this with another EQUIP order if you want your Primary Weapon to be something else (often you will). In essence, when you equip with any Pointed Weapon, this weapon also becomes your Wrestle Weapon.
Jossmen Wrestling
During your visit to the Far Post the Trader finds some spare time and teaches you the Jossman sport of Wrestling This differs from Wrestling Creatures, as the idea isn't to kill, maim or flee. You find it to be a lot of fun grappling and trying to throw each other…although you're always the one who loses. More important, your Wrestling skills (Offense, Defense and Tricks) improve significantly. If you'd like to Wrestle other Monsters you meet during a friendly encounter issue the Standing Order WRESTLE FRIEND: WF. Issue it again to cancel it. You won't Wrestle if your Healthiness is under 50%.

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