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Worm-Plate Helm

Worm-Plate Helm

 456Worm-plate Helm2 Makable Items (15) 1 Squzskin Helmet (#49), 8 Worm Plate (#230) HelmetClass 2   
Tired of your head taking a pounding in your Squzskin Helm? Looking for a little bit of extra protection? Then you need a Worm-Plate Helm. Just take 8 Worm Plates and attach them to your Squzskin Helm. It is really easy to do since each plate has a set of sharp prickles on the back side that seem to have an affinity for Squzskin. This will take you about 15 Action Points to complete. When done, the Worm-Plate Helm will provide Class 2 protection for that valuable little head of yours. You can carry 2.

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