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Wooden Kabuki Statue

Wooden Kabuki Statue

 316Wooden Kabuki Statue1Tower

Great CaveVoodoo Workshop Statue Kabuki TalismanKabukiFuvah
This small, beautifully hand-carved statuette feels wonderful to hold (if you're a Kabuki Follower). The maker had extraordinary skill and has rendered Kabuki's likeness in a startlingly apt manner. The statue is made from a Klinwood and polished or lacquered in some way that its surface is both very hard and somewhat shiny (almost glowing). This statue has one proper place: a Kabuki Temple Treasure Room. In fact, it's very important for a Kabuki Temple to have one of these statues. You can carry 1.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Great Cave Great Cave32 in 58
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop322 in 584

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