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Wizard Magic

Wizard Magic

Wizard Magic
The lousy thing about Gods is they always reward the strongest over the weak. This results in a young Ruk getting his clock cleaned every time by an old fart. wizards to the contrary, care little about who spends more time kowtowing to some silly godling. They sell spells that work. Period. Well, mostly period. But if they fail, its not because you didn't kowtow enough.

Available From

Xylmix's Xylmix'sTK 625
Xydnox's Xydnox'sTK 625
Xuktar's Xuktar'sTK 625
Xogynx's Xogynx'sTK 625
Xamfir's Xamfir'sTK 625
Xubaar's Xubaar'sTK 625
Xuxerb's Xuxerb'sTK 625
Xaxnar's Xaxnar'sTK 625
Xamadu's Xamadu'sTK 625
Xixmar's Xixmar'sTK 625
Xabrew's Xabrew'sTK 625

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