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 255Wine6Far Inn

What could be better for washing sown luxury food than a Wineskin of better than average plonk? It certainly makes a pleasant change from water, coconuts and limes. Although drinking in public is frowned upon by Jossmen, because it causes too many fights and accidents, it would seem from the quantity of wine produced that they must have wild private parties fairly often. It's also believed that wine is used in their secret ceremonies. A canny entrepreneur could make a profit by buying wine where it's cheap and taking it to where it's most in demand. Due to the sloshability of their contents, you can only carry up to half a dozen wineskins.

Available From

Daltak's Daltak'sB 25584
Kislor's Kislor'sP 255105
Kislor's Kislor'sB 255100
Daston's Daston'sP 25590
Daston's Daston'sB 25595
Daltok's Daltok'sP 25570
Daltak's Daltak'sP 25580
Daltok's Daltok'sB 25574

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