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White Lotus Elixir

White Lotus Elixir

 19White Lotus Elixir*Far Inn

Makable Items Vessel (9) 1 Oil (#22), 2 White Lotus Leaf (#14)Voodoo Workshop VoodooMakeable Items Elixir of Acid (#264), Elixir of Fire (#263), Spark Lotus Elixir (#260), Pink Lotus Elixir (#259), Green Lotus Elixir (#258)Restores Health
This is a fantastic Voodoo potion that restores Health quickly. To create this potent elixir, shred 2 White Lotus Leaves into a Cauldron. Add 1 Oil. Wait 9 Action Pts. Voila! To make, write the special MAKE order: M 19 (Quantity). If you have sufficient ingredients, you will make as many as you want. To consume one, issue the USE/CONSUME order U 19. There's no limit to the number you can carry. Special note: If after fighting a battle our Health is less than half your Toughness, you will automatically consume one or two White Lotus Elixers.

Available From

The Spear and Club The Spear and ClubV212
The Red Palm The Red PalmV414
The Wooden Leg The Wooden LegV413
Bottom Hill Bottom HillV211
Grimley's Fiendish Spot Grimley's Fiendish SpotV614
Drokorn's Stead Drokorn's SteadV613
The Ribald Arms The Ribald ArmsV211
The Blazing Arrowhead The Blazing ArrowheadV211
The Speckled Phesant The Speckled PhesantV214
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusV214

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop1295 in 744

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