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Weapons Satchel

Weapons Satchel

 274Weapons Satchel1Far Inn


    Allows you to carry more stuff
Ever get tired of lugging around a dozen different weapons, clanging through the jungle like a Jossman selling pots and pans? If so, you're probably quite the warrior and find little room in your haversuit for other items. Wizards understood this problem a long, long time ago and came up with a good solution during the Second Demi-god War. The answer is the WEAPONS SATCHEL. This slightly magical device lets you store up to 10 large weapons and 15 small weapons in a remarkably small space. Best yet, it has a place on the outside to stow your primary hand and missile weapons for quick access. The only drawback is that you may not be able to change weapons during combat. If you have more weapons than will fit, you'll carry 'em as usual. You can carry one.

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