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Weapon Practice

Weapon Practice

Weapon Practice
When you acquire a weapon belonging to a Weapon Class you haven't used before, your Skill Level is nil. You can increase your skill slowly by issuing the WEAPON PRACTICE order: W (Item#) (Action Pts). This will cause you to practice with the item (weapon) specified and increases your skill for the Weapon Type of this weapon. Practicing with Missile weaponry is far more effective than others. Still, Weapons Practice is only worthwhile at the lower Skill levels. At some point you may have to resort to training at a fort whose occupants have superior skills. And it'll be expensive! Note: Like the Quest for Knowledge order, the Weapon Practice order moves you around the square you currently occupy.
Weapon Practice Notes

1. You do not need to EQUIP with a weapon to be able to practice with it.

2. Just because you practice with a weapon (even for a lot of Action Pts), does not mean you will instantly increase in skill level. But every practice counts at the lower skill levels, so you're always doing yourself some good.

3. There are at least six different Weapon Classes and nine Weapon Skill/Damage Class levels.

4. It's a good idea to issue a WEAPON PRACTICE order (for at least 1 Action Pt) each time you acquire a weapon in a new Weapon Class.

5. The WEAPON PRACTICE order is used only to practice with Primary and Missile Weapons. It's not used for Defense Weapons, lassoing, etc.

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