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VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 987Weakness 5010Drains Muscle.Vlados Xi
The Weakness spell is believed to have been developed during the Demi-God wars by followers of Vlados Xi, the Vampyre Demigod. This insidious spell actually reduces the muscle of a foe. Ancient tales speak of hordes of Vlados' followers attacking a single opponent with this spell to weaken some great warrior to the point of death. Should an opponents Muscle be reduced to zero, your foe will die. To use this spell in battle, issue the Cast Spell order: C 987. This Spell takes great magical power. It uses 50 Spell Points and 10 action points each time it is cast. When you have this Offensive Battle Spell set, you will save small creature bones from your kills/ meals. Small bones fit in your pockets. NB: Camped Monsters don't have Action Pts.

Available From

Xubaar's Xubaar'sTX 8987
Xuxerb's Xuxerb'sTX 7987

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