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Voodoo Serpent

Voodoo Serpent

 181Voodoo SerpentDragon GeyserReptile115-115 (1)(3-3)   
If you've run into one of these, then you have run into TROUBLE. This is no ordinary snake. This is a Black Yasmin El Boa. Its sole purpose is to extract her vengeance on those who oppose her. And that just may mean your death. You'll first notice this abomination from its putrid stench and then you'll cower at its hideously formed jaws and head. Finally, its 40-hands long scaly body will slither out to meet (meat?) you. If you survive, you'll be the worse for wear and tear. If you kill it, it will arise anew for the next unworthy opponent.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Dragon Geyser Dragon Geyser251 in 4

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