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 204ViperkahnDragon GeyserSnake98-116 (3)(4-4)Yasmin  
The chosen of the Snake Demigoddess is not on anyone's favourite party list. It may be due to the 20-hands long, orange and black striped serpent's tail. Then again, the vaguely monster-like body, muscular arms, and its ugly disposition may have a lot to do with it. Maybe it's staring into those icy blue eyes wondering if it's a Monster or a snake that's planning you eat you that puts such fear in your heart. Despite it all, followers of El Boa rejoice at te presence of this mighty foe. For others, it just brings back nightmares of things that shouldn't be. El Boa uses these beasts for her most important projects. Rumour has it that most of these fearsome creatures are guarding the routes to El Boa's most hated enemies Dragons.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Dragon Geyser Dragon Geyser1004 in 4

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