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Tuvian Plant

Tuvian Plant

 tuvTuvian PlantTuvian Shovel (#26)n/a
Spend 2 Action Pts to locate and then precisely slam your Spear into the odd-shaped Tuvian root. If you do it just right it will stay stuck and you've got yourself a capable shovel (after the root has hardened) (Item 26).


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-5 (1.7)3 (0.6)1 (0.3)4 (1.1)5 (1)18
Central4 (1)8 (2.1)5 (0.8)4 (1.1)1 (0.3)6 (1)28
South3 (1)3 (1)8 (1.5)3 (0.8)1 (0.3)5 (0.9)23


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total

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