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Travel Grub

Travel Grub

 96Travel Grub12Far Inn

Stone Crypt   Equivalent of 2 Food
This is a special dried food that is made at Far Inns for purchase by adventuring travelers. It seems to keep indefinitely. One Travel Grub is automatically consumed whenever you get hungry and have no other food. Travel Grub has the equivalent nourishment and filling value of two meals. You can carry 12.

Available From

The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassP91
The Happy Junglemon The Happy JunglemonP91
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarP71
The Lion's Fill The Lion's FillP61
The Blushing Lady The Blushing LadyP81
The Dragon's Tale The Dragon's TaleP91
Bottom Hill Bottom HillP61
The Red Palm The Red PalmP11
The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassP61
The Rock and Troll The Rock and TrollP51
The Wooden Leg The Wooden LegP11
Grimley's Fiendish Spot Grimley's Fiendish SpotP21
Drokorn's Stead Drokorn's SteadP71
Hamilton's Cove Hamilton's CoveP91
The Spotted Beak The Spotted BeakP51
The Slaughtered Plodder The Slaughtered PlodderP81
The Speckled Phesant The Speckled PhesantP51
The Blazing Arrowhead The Blazing ArrowheadP91
The Ribald Arms The Ribald ArmsP61
The Jolly Ogre The Jolly OgreP81
The Illuminated Torch The Illuminated TorchP51
The Grackle, Grouse and Grail The Grackle, Grouse and GrailP41
The Black Swan The Black SwanP91
The Broken Shield The Broken ShieldP11
The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestP81
The Claw and Tooth The Claw and ToothP71
The Spear and Club The Spear and ClubP61
The Cracked Skull The Cracked SkullP9115
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusP51

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Stone Crypt Stone Crypt715 in 7

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