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 405Termin-AntBodden CampHigh JungleInsect48-93 (22)(2-4)Pole2-6 Food (#99) 
This is not a bug. This is the god of all bugs. What has the Island come to when a poor Ruk has to face a bug that gives the average Ruk ego a complex. The Termin-Ant is all attitude, strength, and oh yeah... nearly 4 hands of pincher. It snaps tree trunks off in a single bite and these are High Jungle trunks. You knew getting up today was a bad idea. This beast is going prove it. Termin-Ants can be detected at a safe distance if the Ruk is paying attention. The rubbing of their attenna makes a sound similar to a deep Ruk voice repeating over and over. "I'll be back!" A Pole Class weapon is the only possible option. Termin-Ants are normally found in High Jungle, but most folks don't argue if the Termin-Ant wants to live somewhere else.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2023 in 112

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