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Tar Pouch

Tar Pouch

 136Tar Pouch3 Makable Items Tar Pit (3) 1 Cheesmo Pouch (#137)    Make Tar Trap
When you're in a square havinmg a Tar Pit, issue the MAKE order: M 136. This takes 3 Action Pts and you need a Cheesmo Pouch - you'll carefully fill the pouch with tar. You can carry three Tar Pouches. To set a Tar Trap, you must first be at a square containing a Path or Trail crossing through it. You need a Tar Pouch, a Jute Rope, a Spider Spring and a Spark Sprig. Lay the rope across the trail (as a trip wire), tieing one end to a tree. Fasten the other end to the Spark Sprig. Very carefully, insert the sprig into the Tar Pouch. Also, place the spring beneath the pouch (for extra velocity - to make sure the pouch reaches its target). To do all of this, issue the USE order: U 136. It takes 2 Action Pts. Someone is going to be very surprised! Heh, heh.

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