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Summon Creature

Summon Creature

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 1Summon Creature varies60Summons a random creature to you
This advanced Disciple spell summons a creature! Right to you ! Sounds great, huh? It might be. Or it might be a disaster! You see, who knows if the Creature will be friendly, hungry or wildly irritated? Or be some abomination that'll gulp you down in one bite? Which is what makes this spell just the sort for thrill-seeking idiot spellcasters. But then again, you never know - maybe something good will be summoned. Issue the CAST SPELL order: C 1. It takes 60 Action Pts. Where this spell is cast, luck, and how many Spell Pts you have available determines what Creature is summoned. Whatever is summoned determines how many Spell Pts are expended. Warning: Jossmen and Bodden have been known to decapitate a monster who summons a creature into a square where they reside.

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