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Stone Golem

Stone Golem

 251Stone Golem Unknown Graggolos 
In the early days of the Demigod Wars, the Gargoyle Demigod, Grraggolos the Ka, begat his stone children. His children took many forms, but all were dedicated to saving Monster-kind from the Undead. Their stone and metal forms were impervious to the Undead attacks and they were able to seal the Undead in their lairs. This changed when the Greater Undead and Were-Beasts entered the war. Soon the Minions were forced to take refuge in the form of statuettes or be destroyed. Only a few still remain guarding haunts of active and powerful Undead. The Minions include the Mud Golem (#250), Stone Golem (#251), Silver Golem (#252), Polished Iron Golem (#253), and Stone Gargoyles (#254). The Statuettes are Items: 445-449. Some say they wait for the return of the Undead.

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