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Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb

 459Stink Bomb6 Makable Items Vessel Stink Pod (20) 2 Oil (#22) MissileClass 4Voodoo  
Tired of those weak little Fart Bombs? Ready for something that does a little bit more damage with a little greater style? You might try a stink bomb. To make one is easy, just issue the M 462 order and you will stew up one Stink Pod with two oil in your voodoo cauldron. You will carefully add the resulting mixture to a Fart Bomb. It will take you 20 Action Points per bomb and you can carry up to six. It is a Class 4 Missile Weapon but the Stink Pod will help you do a little extra damage and maybe even leave a lasting impression.

Available From

Mugdugbilbug's Mugdugbilbug'sTV 2150

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