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Squzskin Helmet

Squzskin Helmet

 49Squzskin Helmet2Far Inn

Makable Items Knife (30) 2 Squzskin (#10)Bodden CampHillockHelmetClass 1 Makeable Items Antlered Helm (#458), Worm-plate Helm (#456) 
Every Monster likes something covering his head, offering some protection from an occasional enemy club. A Squzskin Helmet fits the bill, making one helluva fashion statement to boot! Just collect two Squzskins and using your Knife, work it for 30 Action Pts using the MAKE order: M 49. This Helmet provides Armor Class 1 protection and you may carry two of them.

Available From

Drokorn's Stead Drokorn's SteadP91
The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassP12
The Happy Junglemon The Happy JunglemonP43
The Blazing Arrowhead The Blazing ArrowheadP32
The Claw and Tooth The Claw and ToothP22
Grimley's Fiendish Spot Grimley's Fiendish SpotP82

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Hillock Hillock43127 in 293
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2333 in 142

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