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Spore Flower

Spore Flower

 355Spore FlowerFungus ForestPlant53-109 (25)(2-2)   
Bright yellow as the sun, this large blossom hides an evil, carnivorous plant that is always ready to eat. The beauty of this flower draws many creatures in close enough for the roots of the Spore Flower to reach out and rip its prey to shreds. This vicious flower is dangerous in other ways too. The scent of the Spore Flower carries particles that can and do induce vomiting. The scent of the Spore Flower has been known to disable its foe leaving a helpless victim for the plant to feed upon. Spore Flowers are known to die out every few seasons leaving behind a golden dust that is extremely toxic. Many greedy monsters have been overcome by the Spores. These golden spores are actually the seedlings for a new seasons growth.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest2825 in 88

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