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Spladder Moth

Spladder Moth

 310Spladder Moth Insect14-53 (13)(2-3) 1-2 Food (#99) 
If you find yourself walking in the sun only to have it occluded by a cloud, you better look up quickly and make sure it is not the oversized and deadly Spladder Moth. If it is, you can expect it to descend quickly, rendering you into one Ruk-sized...well...splatter.Ick. But because of its large size, it makes an easy target for a skilled warrior. Just watch out for its over-size proboscis that may try to spear you.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North----4 (1.1)13 (2.6)17
Central----4 (1.1)19 (3.1)23
South----1 (0.3)11 (2.1)12


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total

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