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Spider Climb

Spider Climb

Spider Climb
Not really a spell and not really voodoo, per se, Spider Climbing is a learned ability that enables one to become one with sheer stone walls. Granted, sheer stone walls are not particularly common on Monster Island, however, when you do come across one, you'll either invariably be pursued by a pack of ravenous Curhogs and wish to climb to safety, or the wall will be between you and treasure (or at least some unique junk that you'll want to carry around for a few years. So hearten your soul knowing that from now on, if faced with such an insurmountable obstruction, you surmount it with marvelous ease (meaning it'll cost you exactly zero action points to do it!).(does not work yet)

Available From

Xixxil's Xixxil'sTK 4200
Xozmir's Xozmir'sTK 4200
Xuxmux's Xuxmux'sTK 4200

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