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Spark Sprig

Spark Sprig

 74Spark Sprig1Far Post


PlantsSpark PlantVoodoo Workshop  Makeable Items Spark Lotus Elixir (#260), Spark Oil Bomb (#82)Make Tar Trap
The Spark Plant is an entertaining bush that has brightened up many a dreary day for traveling Monsters. It is a short, green bush whose buds seem to accumulate static elecricity from the air. When a certain level has been attained it discharges, emmiting a bright spark. Some Monsters can sit and watch a Sprk Plant for hours on end and never cease to be amazed by the display. Now that you have learned about this plant, whenever possible you will automatically attempt to collect a Sprig. You may carry only one Sprig as they are difficult to carry without receiving a shock every Action Pt or so.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop434 in 744

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