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Spark Oil Bomb

Spark Oil Bomb

 82Spark Oil Bomb1 Makable Items (85) 1 Spark Sprig (#74), 1 Purpumpkin (#118), 2 Fart Bomb (#34), 6 Oil (#22) MissileClass 4   
A very long time ago, a vengeful Voodoo Master concocted the first Spark Oil Bomb to rid himself of an amorous Rock Troll Queen who desired his affection. Sadly, it was not nearly powerful enough and the Rock Troll Queen subsequently gave him a loving Troll Hug and squished him to a pulp. A pity, really, since the Spark Oil Bomb was destined to become a staple of Missile Warfare. To make one, you must combine six oil and two fart bombs in a purpumkin. Then carefully (and we do mean carefully), push one Spark Sprig into the top of the Purpumkin and 'Voila,' you have one nasty little bomb to hurl at your enemy. You must be Level 4 proficient with Missile Weapons to use one unless you wish to blow yourself up. Issue the M 82 order to make one for 85 AP. You can carry one.

Available From

Brigmugbugdil's Brigmugbugdil'sTV 2250

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