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Sourpuss Perfume

Sourpuss Perfume

 83Sourpuss Perfume0 Makable Items (15) 2 Oil (#22), 2 Sourpuss Ear (#170), 3 Purple Lotus Leaf (#16)  Voodoo  
A popular Voodoo concoction among Trolls heading to town, Sourpuss Perfume can mask nearly any odour, even that nasty I'm-a-Troll-and-have-never-taken-a-bath odour that Jossmen find so objectionable. To make a Sourpuss Perfume combine 3 Purple Lotus Leaves, 2 Sourpuss Ears and 2 Oil in your Voodoo Cauldron and simmer them for 15 Actions Pts using the M 83 order. To use it, issue the U 83 order for 5 Action Pts. Most any Odour will be eliminated.

Available From

Grumdimdunmuk's Grumdimdunmuk'sTV 1108

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