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Somanda Dust

Somanda Dust

 23Somanda Dust*Far Post

Makable Items Somanda Bush (14)    Makeable Items Elixir Foliculata (#465), Xanxu Construct (#466), Black Lotus Tar (#460), Oil of Ugli (#461) 
The Somanda bush is what some call a pricker bush. It is very rough against exposed skin. The Somanda bush is most often found in Jungle terrain. If you are lucky it will be in bloom and you can collect its bitter pollen, Somanda Dust. This dust is prized by Voodoo Masters and there is no limit to the amount of dust you can carry. You can harvest Somanda Dust from a blooming Somanda Bush by issuing the MAKE order: M 23 for 14 Action Pts.

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