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Skull Mace

Skull Mace

 226Skull Mace1Far Inn

Makable Items Dagger (100) 1 Mangy Beast Skull (#224), 4 Crobbler Skin (#189) BashingClass 5   
Clubs just not making the impression on your foes you are looking for? Maybe you need a harder object to construct a weapon that has pain written all over it. Maybe there's a use for the Island's hardest head yet…but it's going to take something equally tough to bind the Mangy Beast's Skull into something usable. Find a sharp dagger and slice 4 Crobbler Skins into thin strips weave these through the holes in the spinal column to reinforce it. Use the straps to fashion a handgrip at the base of the column. This process takes 100 Action Points. The heavy skull should carry plenty of momentum as it smashes into your foes. The skull's hardness should leave a lasting impression. This is a Damage Class 5 Bashing weapon. You can carry one.

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