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Skin So Slick

Skin So Slick

 463Skin So Slick4 Makable Items Vessel (18) 1 White Lotus Leaf (#14), 4 Oil (#22), 1 Yellow Lotus Leaf (#15)  Voodoo Wrestling defense
Once the staple of the best Jossmen wrestlers, Skin So Slick was banned nearly 1OO years ago by the Worldwide Committee For Wrestling Fairness (WCWF) when one wrestler added an illegal substance that made his opponent's arms go numb. What the ingredient was is still a mystery to this day, however, the original formula is well known. Take 1 White Lotus Leaf, 1 Yellow Lotus Leaf, and 4 Oil and combine it in a Voodoo Cauldron by using the Make command M 463. It will take 18 AP to make one and you can carry four. To use one, issue the Use command - U 463. Slathering this on will make you one very slippery opponent in a wrestling match. If your opponent is challenging enough, you will need to apply another dose after you bout.

Available From

Kilmugrumbug's Kilmugrumbug'sTV 1175

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