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Silver Swamppus Rake

Silver Swamppus Rake

 245Silver Swamppus Rake1  PointedClass 3   
Finding that your Swamppus Rake isn't all its cracked up to be? Speaking of cracked, the claws of the Swamppus tend to break off frequently leaving you with a rather worthless foot. Too make matters worse, the rake is fairly ineffective against Undead and other creatures that require Silver weapons. Luckily for a price, the Jossmen ForgeMasters have a process that places a thin coating of Silver over the claws making them stronger and more effective. The ForgeMaster even engraved the Silver to add a touch of beauty to the weapon. The Silver Swamppus Rake is a Damage Class 3 Pointed Weapon. You can carry only 1.

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