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Silver Gauntlets

Silver Gauntlets

 304Silver Gauntlets2Far Forge

Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardLarge CaveLoggerhead CampMine ShaftGauntletsClass 2   
These nicely fitting gloves provide Armor Class 2 protection when equipped. Because they're crafted with silver, they also provide additional protection against certain foes. You can carry two pairs of them.

Available From

The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestP622
The Jolly Ogre The Jolly OgreP515
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarP819
The Lion's Fill The Lion's FillP516
Spigot's Red Spigot's RedP222
Borsthead's Borsthead'sP222

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft13 in 275
Ancient Graveyard Ancient Graveyard23 in 119
Large Cave Large Cave35 in 128
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp39 in 227

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