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Silver Bead

Silver Bead

 163Silver Bead100Far Inn

Fungus ForestLarge QuarryMine ShaftBat Cave    
Made of the purest silver, Silver Beads are a staple in the Forging business. In the hands of a good forger, a handful of these can be worked into rings, weapons and armor. Each with properties which protect the wearer from the Undead. In its current forms, Silver Beads are not particularly useful to a monster like you but most races are willing to buy them for their own use. You can carry 100 silver beads.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest31 in 32
Bat Cave Bat Cave4211 in 26
Large Quarry Large Quarry1912 in 62
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft3078 in 258

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