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Silver Amulet

Silver Amulet

 307Silver Amulet*Far Inn

HillockKoma DenLarge CaveSmall CaveAmulet  Protection from Birds
This solid Silver necklace gleams resplendently. The double farn eagle engraving gives you the impression that this amulet is quite valuable. When equipped, this amulet provides some protection against certain dangerous foes. Like all Silver items, should a Ghost approach you when you're equipped with it, he'll sustain a loss of a Spirit Pt or two. You can carry any number but can only be equipped with one Amulet.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Koma Den Koma Den01 in 112
Hillock Hillock01 in 291
Large Cave Large Cave01 in 123
Small Cave Small Cave11 in 51

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