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Scatamunga Horn Voodoo

Scatamunga Horn Voodoo

Scatamunga Horn Voodoo
A Scatamunga Horn has some very interesting acoustical properties. Cutting off the pointed end of the horn allows you to fashion a megaphone of sorts. The horn is fun to play with but serves no useful purpose by itself. However, if you have acquired some Yellow Lotus Elixir you can do Voodoo with it. Issue the USE order: U 54 to use the Scatamunga Horn. You'll first consume one Yellow Lotus Elixir. Then raise the Horn to your lips and yell the most godawful noise you can think of. This noise will carry through the entire square, driving away just about all the Creatures lurking here. You can do this instead of Yelling. Be careful, though…Yelling more than once per turn can damage your vocal cords.

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