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Scatamunga Beast

Scatamunga Beast

 111Scatamunga BeastJungleLow HillsAnimal19-40 (50)(1-1)Pole0-1 Scatamunga Horn(#54) 2-4 Food (#99)Capture No
You like nasty teeth? In a large mouth? Attached to something like a grizzy bear? With the fierceness and temprament of a rhino? Then meet the Scatamunga Beast! If you like limbs ripped from your body. If you want your life ended abruptly. Watch out in hilly and jungle areas, and keep a Pole weapon handy.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North3 (1.1)8 (2.7)14 (2.8)5 (1.5)10 (2.8)40 (8.1)80
Central18 (4.5)13 (3.4)32 (5.3)6 (1.6)12 (3.4)61 (10)142
South22 (7.5)22 (7.1)32 (6.1)4 (1.1)4 (1.3)38 (7.1)122


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total

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