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Sable Smoke Bottle

Sable Smoke Bottle

 278Sable Smoke Bottle1 Voodoo Workshop    
Sitting before you is an ornate bottle. In and of itself, the bottle looks to be worth more than a few Oculars. The strange smoke that seems to swell and contract within just makes it more desirable. Once opened and activated using a Spark Sprig the concoction has a most dramatic effect. It changes your Mount into an entirely different creature. The Wizards have learned to control the reaction to a small degree. A few creature results can be repeated with reasonable success. Wizards may sell a more random concoction for those who like adventure. Carefully insert a Spark Sprig inside your bottle to Polymorph your boring, old mount (It may object). Issue the order: M (Bottle#). You can carry but one of any bottle type (Smoke colour).

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop03 in 744

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