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Rollypod Greaves

Rollypod Greaves

 457Rollypod Greaves1 Makable Items (35) 1 Squzskin Greaves (#48), 10 Rollypod Plate (#222) GreavesClass 2   
Squzskin Greaves just not cutting it for you anymore? Finding your legs getting whacked by foes and fallen logs? Take heart. You've come upon a great idea! Rolly-Plate Greaves. And best of all, they are a snap to make. Just take 10 Rolly Plates and attach them to your Squzskin Greaves. The unusual texture of the Plates seems to automatically attach them with no other supplies needed. Too cool. When done you will have Class 2 Protection for your legs. You can carry two sets of Rolly-Plate Greaves and it will cost you 35 Action Points to make them.

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