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Retching Poison

Retching Poison

 462Retching Poison4 Makable Items (22) 1 Black Lotus Leaf (#17), 1 Frog Bladder (#218), 2 Retch Gland (#234), 2 Oil (#22)  Voodoo Poison Waterholes
One of the more sedate versions of Black Voodoo, Retching Poison is prepared by those who only wish ill health on everybody in the area. To make it you must combine 2 Retch Glands, 1 Black Lotus Leaf and 2 Oil in a Voodoo Cauldron. Boil it for 22 Action Pts and store the mixture in a Frog Bladder. When you wish to use one, issue the U 462 order when in the square with a Water Hole. Anyone drinking from that waterhole will be in for an unpleasant surprise at the end of their travels. You can carry up to 4 Retching Poisons.

Available From

Grumdimdunmuk's Grumdimdunmuk'sTV 2350

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