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Reptron Salve

Reptron Salve

 56Reptron Salve1Far Inn

Makable Items Reptron Bird (#122), Vessel Pond or Waterhole (12) 7 Purple Lotus Leaf (#16), 1 Blood Mite Eye (#166)Fungus ForestVoodoo Workshop Voodoo Increases Skin Toughness if used in Geyser
This unusual Voodoo concoction is both difficult to make and difficult to find a place to use it. Use the MAKE order: M 56. You need to be in a square having a pond or waterhole, and possess 7 Purple Lotus Leaves, a Blood Mite Eye, and a live Reptron Bird. Boil these in your Cauldron for 12 Action Pts, making a thick paste. To use the Reptron Salve you must be in a square having a Geyser. Expend 45 Action Pts issuing the USE order: U 56. Rub the salve so that it covers every inch of your body. Then jump head first into the Geyser. The salve protects your skin from the superheated water. The heat causes the salve to become absorbed by your skin, increasing your Skin Toughness. Of course it's gonna hurt. And, don't be tempted to do it a second time. You can carry 9.

Available From

The Black Swan The Black SwanV47
The Broken Shield The Broken ShieldV47
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarV46
The Jolly Ogre The Jolly OgreV45
The Cracked Skull The Cracked SkullV66
The Speckled Phesant The Speckled PhesantV47
The Illuminated Torch The Illuminated TorchV46
The Ribald Arms The Ribald ArmsV65
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusV46
The Spear and Club The Spear and ClubV45

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop1188 in 744
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest75 in 69

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