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Red Wood Palm

Red Wood Palm

 206Red Wood PalmTainted HollowPlant92-198 (13)(3-4)Edged Capture No
So this is the cause of the Tainted Hollow. Though no taller than the other palms it is at least three times the width of any of them. It's blood red colour is almost certainly due to the consumption of the Creatures whose bones decorate its gnarled roots. Just out of reach of your Machete is the festering maw of this abomination, surrounded by tooth-like thorns. A flame thrower would be the best weapon of attack but failing that an Edged weapon will have to do. Oh and watch out for the rotten coconuts it'll probably bombard you with!

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Tainted Hollow Tainted Hollow8917 in 19

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