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Pus Bear

Pus Bear

 284Pus BearLarge QuarryMutate44-94 (74)(2-3) 0-2 Food (#99) 
One of the Mutates, the ugly Pus Bear looks like aMonger that has gone feral. It is really a cross between a Pummel Bear and a Stark Sourpus. Its huge body is covered with huge, oozing sores and it stinks of gangrene. Worst of all, it has a bad disposition (it must be the lack of a good ointment) and is more than willing to bite the head off anything, Ruks included, that gets in its way. So stear clear of this freak of nature (or science?) and you will manage to live at least one moment longer. Get in his way and you will be one more pile of bones outside its filth-ridden den.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Large Quarry Large Quarry6462 in 96

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