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Purple Lotus Leaf

Purple Lotus Leaf

 16Purple Lotus Leaf*Far Post

PlantsPurple LotusHillockVoodoo Workshop  Makeable Items Purple Lotus Elixir (#20), Thermaway Elixir (#85), Sourpuss Perfume (#83), Reptron Salve (#56), Gnitgnoff (#98) 
This is the easiest of the Lotus leaves to find. Its strange smell indicates that in the hands of someone skilled in the art of Voodoo it may produce some remarkable elixirs. It's commonly found growing in bunches hidden beneath dense vegetation. You need to wait until this shrub's spotted purple leaves turn to all-purple, which happens every couple of weeks. There is no limit to the number of leaves you can carry.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop15112 in 744
Hillock Hillock1854 in 291

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