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Puffer Wings

Puffer Wings

 115Puffer Wings1Far Inn

Makable Items (65) 2 Squzskin (#10), 2 Huffinpuffer Air-sac (#219)  Tool Crossing the lake in a Large Quarry
Okay, this may not be the most monsterly thing you ever came up with, but if you've ever been over your head in water and hated that feeling, you'll likely figure out how to take two Huffinpuffer Sacks, add on two Squzskins, and make a pair of Puffer Wings. If you are ever faced with the prospect of crossing a calm body of water, you'll automatically inflate 'em with your hot air, tie them to your arms, and float happily along. However, don't try to use these to cross rivers or travel the ocean. They will get shredded and you will drown. Making them costs a whopping 65 Action Points and you can carry up to six.

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